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Neolife/ GNLD Products

₦ 20,504.00
₦ 9,200.00
₦ 8,000.00

Dangote Urea Fertilizer

₦ 12,000.00
₦ 11,500.00
₦ 10,800.00
₦ 10,000.00

Indorama Urea Fertilizer

₦ 13,000.00
₦ 14,000.00
₦ 16,000.00
₦ 10,500.00

Bencut NPK Fertilizers

₦ 10,000.00
₦ 10,000.00
₦ 10,000.00
₦ 14,500.00

FMN Golden NPK Fertilizers

₦ 15,000.00
₦ 15,000.00
₦ 17,000.00
₦ 15,000.00

Shenzhen Gold NPK Fertilizers

₦ 11,000.00
₦ 18,000.00
₦ 15,000.00
₦ 12,000.00

We are an accredited GNLD Neolife Super Gro Organic Liquid Fertilizer Distributor in Lagos but can deliver to anywhere in Nigeria and the world as a whole.

Neolife GNLD Super Gro Fertilizer is a fertilizer product and fertilizer supplements developed to help increase agricultural yields and increase the reproduction rates of animals.

dangote fertilizer

As Dangote Urea Fertilizer starts operation and distribution on the first week of April, 2021. We are glad to inform you that we are part of their Dangote Fertilizer Distributor in Lagos and Nigeria as a whole.

Dangote Urea Fertilizer is a granule fertilizer. Granules are larger, harder and more resistant to moisture. As a result, Dangote granulated urea has become a more suitable material for fertilizer blends.

When you see an NPK fertilizer, it is an acronyms for N-Nitrogen, P-Phosphorus and K-Potassium. The combination may differ depending on the nutrients contains but they are always together proportionally for instance NPK 20-20-20 means the fertilizer has Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium in an equal proportions while NPK 27-13-13 means that the presence of Nitrogen is more than that of other nutrients.

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