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Distributor Package

Are you a farmer or a member of any farmers' cooperative or association? Or is there any way you are close to the farmers in your environment? Whatever the case may be, becoming a fertilizer distributor will not only allow you to buy fertilizers at a discount but also allow you to earn a living. You will be able to buy at the company price, all with a small profit margin. This is possible because we are a distributor and sell as much as possible. This means that you will always smile at the bank, especially when you have big customers who buy in trucks. Because of people like you, we have designed well-structured packages to enable you to sell to people, especially farmers in your environment, with great profits, as we will be giving you the discounts reserved for our most premium customers. Below are the packages.

This is designed for fertilizer sellers who do not have the capital to buy a truck of fertilizer but can buy a minimum of 50 bags at once. This package attracts N100,000/Annum, and they get up to N1,000 OFF our shelf price. They also enjoy some discounts on the transportation of the fertilizer products. This type of customer enjoys free referrals from us to them. They also enjoy Listing on our website as part of our trusted sellers, and we create an Online Google Profile for them to be visible to online buyers in their areas. Note that you may not have the N100,000 subscription fee paid at a time as your supposed discounts will be reserved for it until completion once you register as a retailer and you buy a minimum of 50 bags.

Bulk Breakers:
This is for customers who buy a minimum of 100 bags of each product at a time. We supply them directly from the factory, so a minimal profit margin is added, but they pay the full transport cost to their destinations. The annual subscription for this is N200,000 per year. This type of customer enjoys free referrals from us to them. They also enjoy Listing on our website as part of our trusted sellers, and we create an Online Google Profile for them to be visible to online buyers in their areas. 

Referral Reward:
For people who bring customers to buy fertilizers from us, we have a recurring commission for them, but they will be the ones to register their accounts, so they can do so with their referral ID. They have to buy fertilizer during that year to enjoy their reward.

Loyal Customers:
No matter what kind of customer you are, loyal customers reward you. Based on your purchases during the year, we pay you some money receivable at the end of the year or sallah period, depending on your choice.

We are a proud distributor, supplier, seller, and exporter. We have the necessary connections to sell for these companies:



Indorama Eleme Fertilizer & Chemicals Limited (IFL)
  • Indorama Urea Fertilizer
  • Indoranma NPK 15:15:15
  • Indorama NPK 20: 10:10
  • Indorama NPK 20:10:05+15S
Dangote Industries Limited
  • Dangote Urea Fertilizer
Notore Chemical Industries Plc
  • Notore Urea Fertilizer
  • Notore NPK 15:15:15
  • Notore NPK 20:10:10
Flour Mills of Nigeria
  • Golden Fertilizer 12-12-17+2% MgO
  • Golden Fertilizer 20-10-10
  • Golden Fertilizer 15-15-15
  • Golden Fertilizer 27-13-13
 Bencut Chemicals and Fertilizers Limited  
  • Bencut Fertilizer NPK 12-12-17
  • Bencut Fertilizer NPK 20-10-10
  • Bencut Fertilizer NPK 15-15-15
  • Bencut Fertilizer NPK 27-13-13
  • Bencut Fertilizer NPK 14-23-14
 Magprotein Limited
  • Natsoil Organic Fertiliser NPK 2-1-1
  • Natsoil Organic Fertilizer NPK 3-1-2
 Master Chemicals and Fertilizer Limited  
  • Master Chem 12-12-17+2MgO
  • Master Chem 20-10-10
  • Master Chem  15-15-15
  • Master Chem 27-13-13
  • Master Chem DAP
  • Master Chem MOP
  • Master Chem SOP Sulphate of Pottash (SOP)
  • Master Chem SSPSingle Super Phosphate (SSP)
  • Master Chem  TSP Tripple Super Phosphate (TSP)
  • Master Chem PN Pottasium Nitrate (PN)
  • Master Chem CN Calcium Nitrate (CN)
Alelawa Fertilizer and Chemical Company Ltd  
  • Alelawa Fertilizer NPK 12-12-17
  • Alelawa Fertilizer NPK 20-10-10
  • Alelawa Fertilizer NPK 15-15-15
  • Alelawa Fertilizer NPK 27-13-13
 Majidadin Innah International Services  
  • Shenzhen Gold NPK 15-15-15
  • Shenzhen Gold NPK 20-10-10
  • Shenzhen Gold NPK 27-13-13
 Savannah Fertilizer Services Company Limited
  • Savannah Fertilizer NPK: 20:10:10
  • Savannah Fertilizer NPK: 27:13:13
  • Savannah Fertilizer NPK: 27:13:13+TE
  • Savannah Fertilizer NPK: 20:10:10+Zn+S+TE
  • Savannah Fertilizer NPK: 25:15:15+S+TE
  • Super Gro Organic Liquid Fertilizer
  • Super 10 Insecticide and Cleaner
  • LDC- Light Duty Cleaner
Contec Global Agro Limited (CGAL)
Earthcare Nigeria Limited




Our Partners

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