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Welcome to Fertilizer NG. We are a team of passionate farmers and entrepreneurs who are willing to sell genuine products and information to people in order to help them achieve a good yield from the agri-business. we have dedicated this store to bringing the experience alive for farmers and other members if value chain in the world.

₦ 25,000.00

N46%, NPK 46-0-0

₦ 23,000.00

46% Nitrogen. NPK 46:0:0

₦ 25,000.00

Pay on Delivery not applicable otherwise, create and send a Local Purchasing Order (LPO) and send for approval.

₦ 1,300.00

Kedi Growbett is an organic NPK Granular mutipurpose fertiliser

₦ 1,000.00

Promote Ga - Bio Stimulant - 250ml Organic Biological Fertilizers Agricultural Input

₦ 750.00

Release Ga - Organic Fertilizer - 100g 100% Organic Biological fertilizer Powdered

₦ 1,500.00

Nitrofix R Ga - Organic Biological Fertilizer - 100g Biological Fertilizer

₦ 1,500.00

Release Ga -Organic Biological Fertilizer - 250g 100% Organic Biological fertilizer Powdered

₦ 1,500.00

Fixit Ga - Organic Biological Insecticide - 250g 100% Organic Biological Insecticide Fungi control Agricultural Input Insect control

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