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Super Gro Liquid Fertilizer-5 Litre(Original)

₦ 45,000.00
Manufacturer: Neolife
Super Gro makes the soil wetter & the live stocks grow bigger

Organic (Natural) fertilizers have many benefits for the soil and crop production.  Unlike chemical (Inorganic) fertilizers, organic fertilizers reduce acidity in the soil and do not cause leaching. They do not kill beneficial microorganisms in the soil. Organic fertilizers also help improve the structure of the soil including the circulation of air, which sustains beneficial microorganisms that help release nutrients to the soil.

The major nutrient that crops such as maize require is nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). Apart from these, growing crops also require micro-nutrients such as copper (Cu), manganese (Mn), magnesium (Mg), iron (Fe), calcium (Ca) and sulphur (S).

Natural (Organic) fertilizers have immense benefits for the soil and crop production. They add soil organic matter, improve soil structure and preserve essential nutrients that crops need in order to grow well.

The most important step farmers can take is to ensure that any organic fertilizer they use has these nutrients in sufficient quantities in order to provide their crops with adequate nutrients for each of them. Below are some of the organic fertilizers that farmers can buy in place of chemical fertilizers to restore soil fertility and get good crop yields and income.

How to use Super GRO for Fish Farming

Catfish, Tilapia etc. Concrete, mud or plastic ponds. Super Gro is good for fish farming, and applicable to all types of fish Pond. It is a good answer to how to grow fish quickly, faster and in uniform.


  • Super Gro promotes the uniform growth of fish. Your fish become bigger and the same size.
  • Super Gro naturally promotes the growth of phytoplankton inside the pond and this not only prevents the death of fish, it prevents the fish from feeding on each other.
  • Super Gro also reduces how often you need to change the water in your fish pond because it increases the amount of oxygen dissolving in the pond, reduces ammonia level and maintains the natural water PH in the pond.
  • Super Gro can be used in plastic, mud or concrete ponds.
  • In comparison to using organic manure, Super Gro is more hygienic because it prevents odour and scurrying.
    Super Gro is cost-effective. You only need 1ml of Super Gro for every 10 litres of water you use in your fish pond.

How to use Super GRO for Poultry Farming

Add some 1ml of Super Gro to 1 litres of water. This is applicable to Chicken, Turkey and all other Birds


  • It prevents the chickens from fowl pox and cholera.
  • It prevents the chickens from cold and quail diseases.
  • It prevents the chickens from pneumoencephalitis {new castle}.
  • It promotes uniform growth of the chickens and prevents foul odour.
  • It prevents the chickens from FLU {fowl plague}.
  • It prevents them from the swollen head.
  • It prevents the chickens from epidemic tremor.
  • It prevents them from EGG DROP SYNDROME {EDS}.
  • It also prevents them from LICE AND MITES.

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