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Natsoil NPK 2-1-1 Organic Fertilizer (35 KG)

₦ 8,500.00
Manufacturer: Magprotein
natsoil npk 3-1-2 Organic fertilizer

Natsoil is a natural fertilizer that gives more yield, last longer and can also provide pest control. It is made from casting of the black soldier fly. The Black Soldier Fly (BSF) is a non-pest-fly that can recycle any material into high value fertilizer for your soil. It is the best option for your vegetable plants. 

  • It can be used as a handful for top dress of the plant
  • It can be used as a handful for basal/spot dressing before seed or transplanting
  • One full cup of natsoil mixed with 5 litre of water

Land Preparation

  • 2 bags for 1 plot of plantation land
  • 14 bags for one acre of plantation land
  • 34 bags for one hactre of plantation land

For Gardening

  • It can be applied 2 weeks before planting as a soil preparation
  • It can also be used as a top dressing 2-3 weeks after germination
  • Natsoil can be used once every 2weeks

DON'T use Natsoil as a Seedbed
Instead use cocoa peat as a seedbed
But use Natsoil to fertigate
You should forment the Natsoil in the Water for about 3 -4 days
Then use Natsoil to fertigate the seedlings in the bed of cocoa peat
You can also do cocoa peat Replacement with Natsoil by 80:20 where you will place cocoa peat with 20% with Natsoil to give the seelings
The density of the Natsoil you are festigating is ratio 1-20. So if you have 20 Litres of water, you add 1 kg of Natsoil to fertigate and don't forget to ferment before festigation for about 3 days


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