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Neem Coasted Indorama Fertilizer

Neem Coated Indorama Urea Fertilizer

₦ 45,000.00
Manufacturer: Indorama Fertilizer
QTY: Price
600 - 600000 ₦ 36,000.00
1 - 599 ₦ 45,000.00
N46%, NPK 46-0-0

 Indorama is a 46% Nitrogen. The nitrogen helps in green leaves development, plants appearance and photosynthesis formulation. Nitrogen helps in acidic soil. 

In addition to the usefulness of Indorama fertilizer in Nigeria, the neem coated fertilizer helps to fight insects in the plants and also helps to slow down the release of nitrogen into the soil, which reduces the loss of nitrogen due to leaching and volatilization.

We are an accredited sellers, distributors, dealers and exporters of indorama and other urea fertilizers in nigeria


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